Matching camber -11 all around static. Work emitz 17x10.5 -15 front 17x11 -9 rear. ✌️

3 months ago, my car was in an accident which occurred on the 60 east freeway. My girlfriend and I were completely fine and unhurt which was the most important. Countless nights I debating to finally let go of my car, but had the courage from my father to bring it back just 1 more time. He saw my passion that I had for my car and how much it meant to me. To some it was just a car, but this specific car I’ve worked very hard for and it being my first, i couldn’t let it go. It was more of a sentimental thing i held close to me, that relationship something you have passion for it, indescribably, is the best feeling you can have.”You’ll regret letting it go, its your first car, stick with it and rebuild it.” Those words stuck with me and I continued my path to bring my fa5 back just one more time. Sourced all my parts I needed and sent it to a local shop where it was back to life. 

The love you have for something, stick with it, build upon it, and enjoy. 



So sad to say I didn’t get any coverage of the @solcalsols meet yesterday with the chaos of putting the meet together for it to run smoothly. 30 del sols showed up and supported our cause. Luckily @wherescam got this picture of me basking in the brilliance of our group. Every thing from slammed and stanced Sols to awesome turbo builds to race car/inspired builds. Despite the cops showing up the last half hour of the meet and raiding it by playing a song with is siren(best part of the day despite getting kicked out) we all had fun. Talked to old friends and made new ones. See you guys in three months for another solcalsols meet. 📷: @wherescam #solcalsols #skylarwithcars (at Legg Lake)

Shot couple of my homies z today. Silver 350z kammy & White 350z vert Francisco. Kammy rocking 19inch stepped lip diamond cut work vs-kf. Cisco rollin on his freshly polished set of cosmis racing wheels. Went to about 3 different spots today and found some cool local places. Cisco was having the hardest time of his life driving his static z trying to follow us in kammys z to the different spots but was willing to drive anywhere i pleased to shoot. Good people, good vibes, and ok shots. 

Back on here again, follow up.